Massage, Tahoe City, Mountain Lotus Yoga

Mounain Lotus Yoga the following styles of massage - to book a massage, please call 530.448.2667 or click here to contact us.

We have a beautiful massage therapy room just steps from Lake Tahoe. Come for the ultimate relaxation package – a cleansing yoga session followed by a soothing massage from one of our wonderful therapists.

SUP yoga is not complimentary with a massage, studio classes only.

Deep Tissue Sculpting - Deep Tissue Sculpting is one of the most effective, practical techniques for the release of chronic tension. Penetrating, yet non intrusive, this specialized bodywork has been proven to be reliable in releasing soft tissue tension and pain associated with stress, over exerstion, and some injuries and illness. Application of firm constant compressions and strokes applied parallel to muscle fibers, this technique is intended to affect deeper structures of the musculoskeletal system. Restore elasticity to the chronically shortened muscle, increase circulation, and realign posture and movement.

Circulatory Massage - Originating in Sweden, Swedish massage, often called circulatory massage, involves the use of medium to deep pressure as well as vibrations and various motions using either the hands or electronic massage devices. Known by other names, including lymphatic massage or detoxification massage, circulatory massage is healing practice that enhances lymphatic drainage by increasing blood flow and circulation.

Off-site massage is available - please call 530.448.2667 for pricing, or click here to contact us.

60-Minute Massage

75-Minute Massage

90-Minute Massage




To book a massage, please call 530.583.7500, or click here to contact us.

Reiki Rates

Please call or text Tanya Fuller, RMT @ 775-742-5936 to Book A Reiki Session

Reiki sessions are for anyone looking for a release from anxiety, physical and mental pain, or searching for a way to find clarity in their lives. Reiki is always beneficial and relaxing for all ages from infants to adults. (rates below are for adults).

Reiki - is a technique that uses the channeling of energy through subtle touch. This flow of energy acts as a natural healing process within the body, helping to regain mental clarity, physical well-being, and emotional balance. Reiki is fantastic for anyone looking for a way to clear old thought patterns, negative stresses, or looking for positive clarity in their lives. $75, 1 hour

Crystal Reiki - is the laying of specific crystals in a grid which helps release and re-program our emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. Depending on the work needing to be done, a certain grid will be used to facilitate each healing. Feel rejuvenated, clear, and relieved of energy and thoughts that no longer serve you. $85, 1 hour

Sacred Childbirth Reiki (tm) - sessions take place during pregnancy and can continue after the birth of your baby to process the birth that just took place. Find relaxation in the core of your being, clear fear, trauma, and negativity about birth, practice accessing your body’s knowledge on how to birth in ease, and learn to visualize your dream birth. Used in pregnancy, Reiki can bond mother and child, alleviate physical discomfort, and diminish anxiety and stress. Best of all, it's calming effect helps relax mama and baby as they grow together in utero and post-partum! $90, 1 hour